2nd Quarter

Action Adventure Book Trailers:
Book Trailer Project
Description: The purpose of this assignment is to create a 30-60 second visually appealing presentation that will showcase your selected Action/Adventure novel. Similar to a movie trailer, the Book Trailer project must contain these requirements: You may use FlixTime, Prezi, Photo Peach, Glogster, PowerPoint w/iSpring Pro, or another teacher approved tool. Do NOT pay for a subscription.
Check out these examples first:


  1. Provide a partial summary of the novel IN WORDS. (beginning, middle, do NOT include the ending – no “spoiler alerts”)
  2. Include the names of the main/important characters that appear within your selected novel.
  3. Provide a “hook” to entice students to read the book.
  4. Include visually appealing pictures that represent the setting or events that occur in the novel.
  5. Include copyright free music that fits the overall mood/theme of your novel. (Bonus)
  6. Complete sentences (capitalization, end marks, complete thought) are a MUST.
  7. Correct spelling is a MUST.
  8. Presentation form (formal language, perfected editing, attractive, appealing, age appropriate, thoughtfully completed)
  9. Show me prior to final submission. Due: November 15, 2012

1st Quarter
Action/Adventure Novel Work:

Week of October 15, 2012

1. Please create your A/A novel page and link it here.
2. On your page, state the title and author of your A/A novel. Include a picture of your book. Be sure to cite your picture.
3. Begin the weekly Vocabulary Task I: Select three words that are new for you in your Task I reading assignment.
a) Insert a table for those three words.
b) Include the word, page number on which it was found, part of speech, definition (from a dictionary or other reference source) and a sentence.
c) You will add three words to your chart each week. Please follow the example below:


Vocabulary Word + (Page Number)
Definition and (Part of Speech)
forbade (p.11)
(verb) to prevent or to stop from doing
My mom forbade me from trick-or-treating when I forgot to take out the garbage.

Student Page Links:

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