Week of April 15, 2013
1. Please finish your peer conference and final revisions and/or editing.
2. Submit to Criterion.
3. Double check for errors. Refer to the example below to highlight the individual parts of your book review. Use the same colors I did in the example.
4. Post your book review to Moodle.
5. Save a copy of your book review on your H-Drive in your LA folder.

Week of Monday, March 18, 2013
Book Review Project
  1. Select a novel (fiction) of your choice.
  2. Get approval from your teacher.
  3. Remember to bring the novel to class every day.
  4. Read the novel. You must be finished reading by April 9th.
  5. Complete the Book Review writing (see example below). You should also refer to pages 161 - 175 in the blue Elements of Language text book.
  6. Post your Book Review writing on Criterion. You will have four submission opportunities before the final submission.
  7. Book Review Writing piece is due Tuesday 4/16.

Examples of the Book Review:

Rubric for the Book Review

Peer Conference sheet for the Book Review