Fourth Quarter

Be a Restaurant & Food Critic: Final copy due June 6, 2013
  1. Identify Restaurant
  2. Date and time of visit
Paragraph Two: Service
  1. Friendliness
  2. Time to be seated, received bill
  3. attentiveness during the meal

Paragraph Three: Food
  1. Appearance/presentation of food (How did it look on the plate?)
  2. Taste
  3. Cost/value of meal
Dining Experience: "Ambience"
  1. Cleanliness
  2. Appearance of the restaurant
  1. Rating (How would you score it overall?)
  2. Recommendation (Would you recommend it to others?)

  1. Submit to Criterion for feedback
  2. Ask two friends to read it and help you revise and edit.
  3. Save it in your H-drive.
  4. Upload it to the wiki here: First Name, Last Initial

Restaurant Reviews:

Spring 2013 Writing Assessment:
Think about the important role that cars and trucks play in our everyday lives. How would life change if you woke up tomorrow morning and all the cars and trucks in the world had disappeared? Write an essay describing how your life and your world would change if cars and trucks suddenly disappeared. Be sure to use specific details and examples to explain the changes this would cause.
Assignment Name:
Gr 6 BPS Spring 2012 Writing Assessment

Week of May 20, 2013

Monday: 5/20

Greek Mythology: Gods and Goddesses

TUESDAY : 5/21

Persephone: A Story from Greece (The story of the Seasons)

May 15, 2013
Fantasy Take-home Test:

1. You may save a copy of the Take Home Test (THT) document and type your responses on the document itself OR you may print it out and hand-write your answers on the document.
2. You MUST include passages (direct sentence, phrase, or paragraph in quotation marks) from the novel to PROVE your responses . Passages must be in quotation marks with the page number written in parenthesis after it.
3. You must submit this at the beginning of class on May 31st.

May 13, 2013

Once you are done with your short story revisions, please work on the Six Frame Perspective project:
  1. Create a new page called: Six-Frame Perspective + Your first name and last initial.
  2. I have create a blank template in Word for you. Use the Six-Frame Template to create your chart.

  1. Save your chart as "6 Frame + Your First Name & Last Initial"
  2. Upload your Six-Frame Perspective chart link here:

Claire H.

Wednesday: April 17
Writing Prompt: Food Critic: Berkshire Cafeteria
What is a food critic?
A food critic is a writer who specializes in writing criticisms of food. Like theater and movie critics, food critics are supposed to provide thoughtful, well-informed, and unbiased information to the public, so that members of the public can make decisions about where to spend their money. Food critics primarily write about restaurants, ranging from fast food establishments to fashionable and very exclusive restaurants, although some may also engage in more general food writing.

Read Molly Abraham's (Detroit News Food Critic) article reviewing a local restaurant. Notice the picture she includes in her writing:

Third Quarter

March 13, 2013

1. Please complete worksheets (260 - 267).

A. Review the PPT lessons below to refresh your memory about the rules of quotation marks.
B. Make an appointment with me for extra help if need be. I am available after school most days until 4:00 p.m.
2. Check the worksheets with the Answer Key below.

3. Submit the worksheets by March 26, 2013.

A) Quotation PowerPoint

B) Quotation Marks: More Practice

C) Quotation Marks Refresher:
D) Punctuation Practice:

Second Quarter:

Week of December 17, 2012
Monday: 12/17/12
1. Please check in your Persuasion Map with me.
2. Sign the iPad technology Acceptable Use form.
3. Write speech out on note cards and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
4. Be prepared to present your Movie Party Persuasive speech on 12/18.

Week of December 10, 2012

Thursday: 12/13/12
  1. Today you will create one slide or Glogster (only if you already have an account) as a "visual aid" for your "Movie Party" Persuasive speech.
  2. When you have completed this, you will work on your Persuasion Map.
  3. When you have completed your Persuasion Map, please transfer that information onto your note cards.
  4. Use your note cards when you are practicing your speech.
  5. You may bring your note cards on taping day (12/18/12).

Wednesday: 12/12/12
  1. Finish editing the Movie Party essays with your team.
  2. Decide if you want to take yours home and submit on Thursday OR submit it today. (Same points.)
Persuasive Speech:
  1. Use the Persuasion Map to organize your ideas. Remember your speech should be about 90 seconds. (1 1/2 minutes)
  2. Transfer those ideas to note cards. (You may only bring note cards when presenting - not a copy of your essay.)
  3. Review the speech rubric provided below. That's how you will be assessed.
  4. Practice, practice, practice until you have nearly memorized your speech.
  5. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice in front of friends and family. Practice in front of your pet. Practice in your sleep.
  6. Practice some more.
  7. Be ready to present on Tuesday: 12/18/12. You will be taped in a small group that day using the iPad, but only IF you are prepared with notecards and have rehearsed.
Tuesday: 12/11/12
  1. Take 10 minutes to write in Writer's Notebook.
  2. Pick up Persuasion Map handout + Movie Party essay check-bric.
  3. In small groups, please complete the check-bric activity for the essays you've been assigned.
  4. Return to your paper. Do you still want to submit it or do you want to revise? Your choice.
  5. Submit to Mrs. Babich immediately OR take it home for further revision. Due Wednesday 12/12.
  6. Review Persuasion Map and Speech rubric with Mrs. Babich.

Monday: 12/10/12
1. Please finish any last-minute revision or editing for your "Movie Party" essay.
2. Submit your final copy to Criterion.
3. Print out a Word doc version of your essay. Be sure you have name, course, date + student # on it.
4. Submit to Mrs. Babich personally.
5. Then, review the rubric for your Movie Party speech.

6. Next, click on the interactive link below to begin preparation for your speech on the 17th. This Persuasion Map should help guide you in the development of your notecards (required) for your 60-90 second speech.

Week of December 3, 2012
Wednesday: 12/5/12
  1. Check in adjective homework.
  2. Review the "Movie Party" essay feedback you received from Moodle.
  3. Sign up one computer per partnership. Revise the essay for CONTENT with your partner.
    1. Do you have examples that show statistics/data (logical)?
    2. Do you have examples that explain the lesson to be learned from the film (moral)?
    3. Do you have examples that show how people will connect or react to the film (emotional)?
  4. Now review or EDIT your essay for MECHANICS ISSUES with your partner.
    1. Do all sentences begin with a capital letter?
    2. Do all sentences end with a proper end mark?
    3. Do your sentences express a complete thought?
    4. Are your sentences in paragraphs? (3-5 paragraphs: Intro, Body, Call to Action/Conclusion)

Monday: 12/3/12
1. Please post your rough draft to the Moodle activity (called "Movie Party") under the Language Arts lesson plans.
2. Find one student who has posted but has 0 replies and provide feedback to that student's essay. Your feedback should focus on the three areas listed in the directions.
3. Next, find at least two other students and provide feedback for those students as well.
4. You must reply to at least 3 fellow students but you may reply to more.
5. Read the comments/advice your peers gave you. Revise and edit your piece according to suggestions given. (You may also submit it to Criterion again.)

November 29 and 30, 2012: "Movie Party" Essay
Please follow these directions to help you write your rough draft:
1. Re-View the "How To" video for Persuasive Writing. This will help you get started on the rough draft of your "Movie Party" essay.
2. Re-View the "How to WRITE and ORGANIZE" this persuasive writing piece.
3. Look at your "plan" or pre-writing and decide to plan further or start writing the draft.
4.Save on a Word document.

#1 - How do I persuade someone to think my way? Establishing Claims and Evidence.

#2 - How do I WRITE and ORGANIZE the persuasive writing piece?

November 26, 2012

In-Class Writing: "Movie Party"
Persuasive Writing Prompt: Written Due December 4, 2012 + 90-second prepared speeches begin December 17, 2012

Your teacher asks you and three other students each to suggest a movie for the class to watch on the last day of school. The class will vote on which one of the four suggested movies they would like to watch. The movie must be "school appropriate", given a G or PG rating, and be acceptable to Berkshire's Administrators. It should be entertaining, but provide a positive message for students. Write a speech stating your movie choice and explaining to your classmates why they should vote for it. Your written speech will be assessed with these Focus Correction Areas (FCAs):
  1. Strong thesis statement
  2. Three well-developed reasons/arguments
  3. Correct use of italics
  4. Use of transitional words
  5. Strong conclusion/wrap-up
  6. All previous FCAs :
    1. complete sentences (correct capitalization, end marks, expresses a complete thought)
    2. Avoiding fragments and/or string sentences (runs-ons)
    3. Beginning (intro), middle (body) and satisfying conclusion
In-class To Do List:
1. Choose your favorite G-rated or PG-rated, school appropriate movie.
2. Go to Criterion at
3. Choose the prompt "Movie Party".
4. Start your pre-writing by selecting "Make a Plan".
5. Once your prewriting is completed. Start a Word document so you can begin the rough draft of your Movie Party essay.

Homework: Due Tuesday, November 27, 2012
  1. Elements of Language (EOL): Diagnostic Preview on page 322 (on lined paper or on a Word document printed out)
  2. Read and study page 323 for Tuesday.

1. Please view these videos in order. You may view them multiple times before working on the Elements of Language (EOL) pages.




First Quarter:

Expository Writing: A Person to Remember
Write an essay describing a family member or friend who is special or unforgettable to you. Use description and examples to explain why you think this person is different from other people.

  1. Pick a person who is important to you.
  2. Identify three reasons why this person is so important to you. Make sure you provide descriptive details to SHOW the reader why this person is important to you. You can also incorporate special moments you shared with that person to demonstrate why this person is important to you.

Here is an example to show you the expectations: