Week of April 15, 2012
Documentary of Craig Keilburger:

Week of March 18 - 19, 2013
  1. Drag your outline into the T-Drive.
  2. Please work on one of these items today. Review examples provided for you last week on the wiki if you are unclear.
    1. Slide show or Commercial:
      1. create a 30 - 60 second script (Time it!)
      2. memorizing/rehearsing
    2. Poster:
      1. create a rough draft by hand or
      2. create a rough draft on the computer
      3. cite photos

Week of March 11, 2013
Special Note: This week you will only have three class days to work on your Rights of the Child Project. You are expected to complete some of your work at home.
Wednesday: 3/13/13
Complete your outline for your PSA product by reviewing the handout on the PSA process below.

Outline Example:

2. Get your outline approved by your teacher. Make sure your name(s) are on it.
3. Once your outline is approved, drag it to my T-Drive for your class hour. Make sure you've saved it with your names and the title of your country. (Ex: Joe and Michael: Uganda)
4. Begin the script writing process for your slideshow or commercial OR begin your rough draft of your poster. You can find the next steps on the PSA Production Process document above or on Tuesday's agenda.

Example of the script:

Tuesday: 3/12/13
  1. Submit your Notes, Outline with notes, and Works Cited pages.
  2. Make certain your name and your partner's name (if applicable) are on the top right corner. Include course, date and student numbers.
  3. Call to Action Goal:
    1. to inform people about the Human Rights violations of children in your country
    2. to be the voice for the "voiceless"
    3. to encourage others to act on behalf of these children
  4. Decide the format of your Call to Action product for the Rights of the Child research project:Public Service Announcement
    1. PSA videotaped (You are the actor.)
    2. PSA slideshow
    3. PSA print advertisement

Steps for the Public Service Announcement (PSA)

The Ad Council: Leaders of the PSA (examples, resources, history)

Example of a print PSA

Example of a PSA slideshow: What are its strengths? weaknesses?

Example of a PSA slideshow: What are its strengths? weaknesses?

Peer Editing form for the PSA

Final self-evaluation/reflection form for the PSA

Monday: 3/11/13
  1. Check your research on EasyBib.
  2. Is it complete?
  3. Do you have notecards on:
    • Geography
    • People/Culture
    • Government
    • Evidence of Child Labor (triangulated = three different articles [sources] that prove or show that child labor is in existence in the country
        • Violations #2 (triangulated = three different articles [sources] that prove or show violations

Week of March 4, 2013

Rights of the Child Research Project:

Friday: 3/8/13
Printing note cards page:
  1. In the "notebook" option, choose PRINT from the tabs at the top.
  2. Check the boxes "Outline", "with Notes Data" and "Notes". Then select "Next".
  3. Print.

Printing "Works Cited" page:
1. Select "Bibliography" tab at the top.
2. In the Bibliography box, on the right side, select the box "Print as a Word doc.".

Thursday: 3/7/13
  1. Read the Essential and Focus questions again to verify that your information on your note cards is "matching" or answering the questions adequately. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COPIED THE FOCUS QUESTION CORRECTLY AND IN ITS ENTIRETY.
  3. Make certain Mrs. S and Mrs. B have "checked" in your note cards. We are looking for organization of information, quality of paraphrasing and adequate information. This will help you stay on track and prevent any problems sooner rather than later.
  4. Triangulate your research. (Find three different sources to prove that your information is accurate and reliable.
  5. Note Cards and the Citation Page: Due Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Passwords for online sources:

Other Web Resources on Child Labor:



Afghanistan: http://teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/indepth/afghanistan_kids/life/index.asp?article=rural

Wednesday: 3/6/13

  1. Complete any of the steps from Monday that you have not already completed.
  2. Use the EasyBib features to help you research properly.
  3. Search using the "and" strategy. (EX: Child labor and China, Children's rights and Afghanistan, Child Rights and Peru)
  4. Use this sites to get you started: Children's Rights Portal: http://childrensrightsportal.org/
  5. Use Research Beta on EasyBib.
  6. Please Triangulate your research. (Finding three different sources to support the response to your focus question research.)

Tuesday: 3/5/13
  1. Complete any of the steps from Monday that you have not already completed.
  2. Use the EasyBib features to help you research properly.
  3. Search using the "and" strategy. (EX: Child labor and China, Children's rights and Afghanistan, Child Rights and Peru)
  4. Use this sites to get you started: Children's Rights Portal: http://childrensrightsportal.org/
  5. Use Research Beta on EasyBib.

Monday: 3/4/13
  1. Create a project on EasyBib.com. Name the project "Rights of the Child".
  2. Write in your Essential and Focus Questions in EasyBib.
  3. Sign up for your country.
  4. Open up Destiny.
  5. Select Culture Gram and/or CIA World Factbook sites.
  6. You and your partner will be researching at your own computer.
  7. Find background information about your country. You will take notes on EasyBib for this. You and your partner may divide the topics up when researching. You should look for:
    1. Geography: location on a world map, climate, terrain, significant physical features (mountains, major rivers, etc...)
    2. People: culture and/or customs, birth rate, death rate, literacy rate, population, refugee population, ethnicities, religion, languages
    3. Government: structure and type of government, important laws (democracy, tribal, monarchy, dictatorship, etc...)

Essential Question:

What is the impact of child labor on children’s rights in _?

Focus Questions:

  • What rights might be violated due to child labor practices in (name of country)? (education, free time, nutrition, shelter, safety, emotional well-being, medical care, security, etc…)
  • How might a child’s life in (your country) be affected by these violations? (Select two or more of the rights you have identified above and then expand on those ideas.)
  • Call to Action (This will be introduced after the research portion has occurred.)
To Do:
March 1
Mrs. Sensenig: Easy Bib
  • Create a new project (Rights of the Child)
  • Type in the Essential (Thesis) and Focus Questions
  • Using EasyBib to research (strategies and tips, etc...)
  • Culture Gram
  • CIA World Factbook
March 4 through March 8 (Media Ctr.)
  • Triangulating your research: (Find three [3] different sources to verify your information.)
  • Select a minimum of three different resources this week
  • Read each article you have discovered
  • Using EasyBib.com, take notes by REPHRASING information from each article.
  • Your notes should ANSWER your FOCUS Question(s)
Scenario Activity: 2/28 Activity
Role: You are a delgate of the United Nations and will be visiting a country to observe the conditions in a pariticular area of the country.
  1. Read your team's scenario.
  2. Pull up the Unicef link below to view the Rights of the Child document.
  3. http://www.unicef.org/magic/media/documents/what_rights_flyer_english.pdf
  4. Decide which rights, if any, were violated.
  5. Write down those violations in a Word document by copying and pasting the Article in the document.(Be sure to cite the document.)
  6. Find a photo which demonstrates one of the violations (if possible). Use the Creative Commons link on the media center website to find an appropriate photo. (The photo should be from the country in which this scenario ocurred.). Save all this into your H-Drive and cite it. (Email the document to your partner so he/she has a copy of it.)

Week of February 11, 2013
Wednesday and Thursday:

Monday and Tuesday:
1. Finish reading A Long Walk to Water through Chapter 10 if you haven't done so already.
2. Take the online quiz at www.socrative.com The classroom number is babich.
3. Complete your KWL activity from 1/25/13 on the Dinka Tribe.
4. Save the KWL document to your H-Drive and UPLOAD IT your HA page as a Word document. (Make sure you name it Dinka KWL + Your Name)
5.Continue reading A Long Walk to Water to the end (Chapter 18.) You will take the second quiz after break on 3/1.

Week of February 4, 2013
Week of January 28, 2013
Declaration of Human Rights for Children: http://childrensrightsportal.org/convention/adapted-for-children/
Nassar: Afghanistan

Map of southern Sudan

Friday: 1/25/13
A Long Walk to Water: Who are the Dinka?
1. Create a KWL chart on your HA page regarding the Dinka tribe. (The tribe Salva belongs to in Southern Sudan.)
2. You should have 3 questions before starting your search.

Friday: 1/18/13
IQBAL: A True Story

United Nations: Convention on the Rights of the Child
1. Go to this website below.
A. Read and review this long article on children's rights before completing your worksheet.

Monday:1/14/13 and Thursday 1/17/13
Task I: Using the two websites from Friday, follow these directions below:

Directions: Using Inspiration or any other graphic organizer, research and record the answers to these questions:
  1. What is the United Nations?
  2. Who are its members?
  3. Where is it located? What is unique about the location of the United Nations?
  4. When was it founded?
  5. Who founded it?
  6. Why was it founded?
  7. What are the basic functions of the United Nations (UN)?
  8. How does the United Nations help people? Who receives help from the United Nations?
Task II: Post these answers on your HA page (if possible) and print a hard copy for yourself. You will need this information for Friday.

Friday: 1/11/13
What is the United Nations?

1. Brainstorm, in five (5) minutes, as many questions as possible regarding the United Nations. Use the 5 W's and the big "H".

2.In your triad, use the two sites below to find the answers to your questions. (Due at the end of class.)


Traveling Classroom Information
Heifer International Global Village: Howell Conference and Nature Center in Howell, Michigan

Global Village: Traveling Classroom ppt.

Global Village Information Sheet

Global Village Packing Sheet