Fourth Quarter
Week of April 29, 2013
This week, we are preparing our short stories for the final revision and final editing. We hope to submit these to Mr. Fisher by next Tuesday. Here are your tasks for the week:
1. Re-read, review, revise and edit your short story.
2. Have at least three people review your piece and help you revise and edit. Submit to Criterion for some feedback. You will NOT receive a holistic score only information on mechanics, usage and grammar.
3. Add your introduction and title to your story. (It must follow the format specified.)
a. Change the font to "Garamond" 12-point.
b. Change it to single spacing.
4. Show this final copy to your parents/guardians.
5. Correct with your parents.
6. Print your final copy and have your parents sign it.
7. Drag an electronic copy to the T-Drive.
Creating the introduction for your short story:
1. Think "short but sweet". The introduction has to be powerful and engaging.
2. Use the example sheet below to help you write your introduction.

Week of March 11, 2013
Monday: 3/11/13
  1. Finish peer conferencing with a different partner from last time.
  2. Make any final revisions and editing corrections.
  3. Upload short story into Criterion. (Remember, for this assignment only, ignore the Holistic Score.)
  4. Print final copy and include:
    1. conference sheet
    2. final draft of Revision #1
    3. rubric stapled on top

5. Select a novel that you would like to read for the Book Review Project. Project will be due April 16th.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
  1. Complete corrections on rough draft that were suggeste/offered by your teacher or conference partner.
  2. Add dialogue correctly using the EOL book (pages 590-591) as a reference.
  3. Denote dialogue in bold.
  4. Create a "snapshot" in your piece.
  5. Highlight your "snapshot" in grey.
  6. Use vivid vocabulary.
  7. Underline ten (10) words that you consider "vivid".
  8. Have a partner read your short story ALOUD TO YOU.
  9. Rewrite any sentences that sound awkward or do not "flow" easily.
  10. After you've completed these steps, SIGN UP and check in with Mrs. Babich for a mid-point review. While waiting...pick up the peer review sheet and PEER CONFERENCE with a colleague. (This should be a different student from last time you had a conference.)
Adjective List Links:
Dialogue Tags:

Snapshot Example:
I stepped inside from the bitter cold. The smell of hot cocoa flowed throughout the house. The fire crackled in the small red and brown bricked fireplace. My little brother was quietly playing with wooden blocks that had tiny, raised letters carved into them. My father sat playing a slow, sad song on his simple country guitar. My mother handed me a ceramic mug of steaming cocoa with a creamy dollop of whipped cream melting into the brown chocolaty liquid. The feeling of warmth spread over me.

Monday: 3/4/13 through Friday: 3/8/13

CW: Writing Workshop: Students will be using the entire week to REVISE his/her FIRST DRAFT of the Short Story Project: Students should be at these stages (below) in the process. If not, he/she should complete the necessary work at home to keep up.

  • Monday: Review teacher feedback, submit to Criterion for editing help and support + teacher editing. Review the Rubric #2 for this assigment: correct use of dialogue (includes punctuation) & dialogue tags, vivid vocabulary, adding the "snapshot" writing strategy
  • Tuesday: Adding dialogue with proper punctuation
  • Wednesday: Video: The Children's March
  • Thursday: Using vivid vocabulary and interesting dialoge tags
  • Friday: Adding the "snapshot" writing strategy
  • Weekend: Catch-up for students who are behind. Be ready to peer edit and print it on Tuesday 3/12.

Week of February 25, 2013
Tuesday 2/26/13
Directions for Writer's Notebook Assignment:

Week of February 11, 2013

Monday 2/11:
1. Complete Conference and Revision and take home for parental/guardian signature.

Tuesday:2/12 - 2/15
1. Using one of the comic creators on this website, create a comic strip using dialogue correctly.
2. You MUST use quotation marks within your dialogue bubbles to show you understand how to properly punctuate dialogue.

3. You may join any of these that do NOT require a fee. Please use your Berkshire username/email and password when joining (if required).
4. You must have at least six frames in any combination. (For example 3 two-framed comics or 2 three-framed comics or one six-framed comics.)
5. Due by Friday: 2/15

Monday: January 28, 2013

Rubric for Draft #1

Introduction to the Short Story Project:

Don't have an idea? Take a look at these...

Task 1:
Pre-writing Activity