Week of May 6, 2013

The Story of Dragons

The True Story of Mulan:

2,000 Years of Chinese History

Discovery Channel: The Silk Road


The Great Wall

The Great Wall

The Silk Road in Ten-Minutes

Week of April 29, 2013

Dynasty Resumes

  1. You will be divided into groups to study ONE of the major dynasties of ancient China.
  2. You will read the ONE chapter associated with your assigned dynasty: You will read the chapter and take notes on the dynasty.
    1. Chapter 20 - The Shang (Shung)Dynasty
    2. Chapter 22 - The Qin (Chin) Dynasty
    3. Chapter 23 - The Han Dynasty
  3. The Project Manager will divide up the research topics and tasks for note-taking. Your notes will be based upon the major accomplishments each dynasty achieved OR did NOT achieve in these SEVEN areas: [7 Characteristics of Civilization]
    1. Government
    2. Social Structure
    3. Art
    4. Technology
    5. (Stable) Food Supply
    6. Writing
    7. Religion
  4. Next, you will also use EasyBib.com to do any other research using the RESEARCH BETA feature. Use this verbage when searching on EasyBib: (Example: "Qin Dynasty AND government" or "Shang Dynasty AND tools OR technology")
  5. Take notes on your HA page or EasyBib.com.
  6. Finally, you will combine your individual research with your group to create a resume/curriculum vitae* for that dynasty. (I will provide the template for your resume/curriculum vitae on Wednesday. The template is called: Dynasty Resume )
  7. Your resume/curriculum will be placed on the wiki by next Monday, May 6.
  • "A curriculum vitae (CV) provides an overview of a person's experience, accomplishment, ideas and other qualifications. A CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants."

Sample Resume:

3rd Hour Group:
Shang Dynasty:
Project Manager: Jack F.
Members: Jarreau, John G., Damonte M., Rayyan M.
Han Dynasty:
Project Manager: Jeanmarie
Members: Brooklyn, Miranda, Tia
Qin Dynasty:
Project Manager: Claire
members: Aj, Mason, Lindsay, Aiden, Elana
Han Dynasty:
Project Manager: Kenneth
Members: Amir , Adrien, Reed, Chase

4th Hour Group:
Shang Dynasty:
Project manager: Henry
Members: Will, Marcel, Alex, Mack, Ian E.
Han Dynasty:
Project Manager: Gabe
Group Members: Griffin, Ian R.
Qin Dynasty:
Project manager: Lizzie
Members: Rebecca, Lindsay, Hannah, Gillian
Shang Dynasty:
Project manager: Danny
Members: Noor, Amedeo, Stephen, Alex,
Han Dynasty:
Project Manager: Antonio
Members: Marcellus, Nya, Laurence, Christian
Qin Dynasty:
Project Manager: Victoria
Members: Renaad, Amina

5th Hour Group
Shang Dynasty
Project Manager: Rania
Members: Mary, Donavin, Mason, Mitch
Qin Dynasty
Project Manager: Bella
Members: Maciah, Eyan, Cameron, Greg
Han Dynasty:
Project Manager: Kate
Members: Sophia, Jenell, Bryan, Stephen
Shang Dynasty:
Project Manager: Alyssa
Members: Nick M., Alex P., Jordan, Kearstin
Qin Dynasty:
Project Manager: Evan
Members: Conner, Chloe, Christina, Aaron
Han Dynasty:
Project Manager: Lauren
Members: Alex B., Anna, Nick P.,

The Gobi Desert

The Dalai Lama

Mount Everest

Week of April 15, 2013

China flag
China flag

Chapter 19: "Geography and the Early Settlement of China"
1. Complete Geography Challenge pages 128 & 129 in your ISN. Use the question sheet below if you do not finish in class.
Write in complete sentences, use proper punctuation and capital letters. Restate the question in your response.

2. Next, complete page 130 in your ISN. Write in complete sentences, use proper punctuation and capital letters. Restate the question in your response.