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Ancient Rome
Use this sites below to learn about the government of ancient Rome: What key facts are important to know about ancient Rome? Take notes on your HA page and link your HA page below:

Christianity in the Roman Empire

Overview of Rome - take the quiz after reading

How was Rome founded?

The Romans were great builders. They are most famous for their development of "aqueducts". What is an aqueduct and can you build one? Try it using this site below:

Be a Roman Gladiator!

Test your knowledge of ancient Rome. Select topics that are interesting to you. Read, take the quiz, and play the interactive games.

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Christianity in Rome:

Jordan Lesson and Nick Porter

2. What was the Roman Pantheon?

The Patheon is the name for the multitude of Roman Gods. (Christina Y. & Lauren L.)

3. What does persecution mean?

Persecution is being picked on or bullied for religious or racial reasons or for thinking differently.(Conner and Aaron)

4. In what ways were the Christians persecuted?
Christianity went through several changes in fortune from popular following to terrible procicutions.(Conner and Aaron)

5. Look at source A. How do you know that the owner of the house
was a Christian? Explain your answer fully.
5) You know that the owner of the house was a Christian because the mosaic in his main room had the the picture of the head of Chirst as well as the Chi-Rho symbol.(Kate, Sophia, Bella)

6. What helped the spread of Christianity?The ideas of Christianity spread and the organisation of the Roman
Empire helped this in several ways.
1. It was relatively easy to move around the Empire. The Romans built
excellent roads with were safe from robbers.
2. There were common languages in the Empire, Latin and Greek. This
made the spread of the new ideas quick and easy.
3. The Roman army never had units of soldiers based in their home
country, so as not to call the loyalty of the men into question, many
of the units based in Britain were from the Middle East and so
Christianity spread to Britain quite quickly. (Chloe and Anna)

6) The thing/person who helped the spread of Christianity was Constantine because he painted the christian symbol on his sheild for the war and they won.(Kate, Sophia, Bella)

7. Look at source C. Why do you think that Constantine had the
troops paint the emblem on their shields?
Just before a crucial battle in A.D. 312
Constantine said that he had a dream where he
was told to paint the Christian symbol on the
shields of his soldiers. He did this and won the
battle! (Chloe nand Anna)

8. Make a list of things that have remained the same since Roman
times in the Roman Catholic Church.

9. Which of the sources are primary and which are secondary?
Explain you answer fully.

10. What does source A tell you about the spread of Christianity

Source A shows that chritianity spread from east to west. (Lauren L.& Christina Y.)